Sweeney Todd, Peter Jöback, Phantom of the opera, Fredrik Swahn

Opera sells £1 million worth of tickets in a week

Our mole in the box-office at English National Opera has collapsed with exhaustion. The phones won’t stop ringing, the internet link’s in meltdown and the bank has been asking if the money is clean. What has brought on this rush? Sweeney Todd. That’s what. Not an opera, to be sure, but a stage musical that is now performed so regularly in opera houses that it may well be changing genre. Be that as it may, for any single work to sell close to £1 million in an opera house less than a week must be some kind of world record.

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Peter Jöback på Riksmötets öppnande

Annars vore jag inte jag ca 45 min in, Stockholm i natt ca 56 min in och Guldet blev till sand ca 1 timma in



Phantom of the opera

Här har ni svenska Emmi Christensson som just nu spelar Christine i The Phantom of opera i London.


Fredrik Swahn – I Am here, live

Tillägnad min underbara vän och mindfullnesslärare Gunnar Michanek.
Tack till Peter Elmberg (text), Magnus Eriksson (piano), David Roxendal (film).
Musik: Fredrik Swahn