La Vie Gaga! 

La Vie Gaga! Hop Up on a Table & Jam to This Amazing Mashup of Rent & Lady Gaga Songs

No day but today! Michael Korte and musical arranger Jared Jenkins are at it again. Following their Hamilton/Beyonce mashup (called #HAM4BEY), they’ve joined vocal forces with Jeniffer Criss, Cameron Wright, Danielle Withers, Eric Lyn, Matt Bloyd, Christine Noel and Trevon Davis to create #GAGA4RENT. That’s right, Little Monsters and Rentheads: your favorite Lady Gaga songs have been infused with Jonathan Larson’s Rent score, and we’re over the moon for it. Maybe this will help in our campaign for Lady Gaga to perform a show tune at the Super Bowl? Either way, get ready to geek out over the video below!

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